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lee4lyfe's Journal

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420, 50 cent, affirmative action, afros, amsterdam, angelina johnson, aretha franklin, baby mama drama, backing it up, bagged milk, be still whitey, beingtrappedinthecloset, bet, beyonce, big booty hos, bigpimpinspending's, bill cosby, bird flu, black panthers, bobby brown, bustin caps, cheetah girls, child support checks, cocoa butter, collard greens, compton, cotton, cribs, dean thomas, dirty old bastard, do rags, don king, dreadlocks, droppinit'slikeit'shot, eating ears, eddie murphy, escalades, ethiopia, fat bluntz, flava flav, food stamps, fried chicken, g-unit, gary coleman, gems.jpg, george foreman, gettin krunk, gettinavadakedavrad9times&livin, green beans, gryffindor resident pimp, gta: vice city, hair picks, harriet tubman, harry potter, hating fema, hating george bush, havin the biggest wand, havin the magic stick, havinhoesindifferentareacodes, hizzouse parties, ice t, it wasn't me, jamaica, jay z, jimi hendrix, jungle fever, kanye west, ketchup chips, kewl round glasses, kobe bryant, kool-aid, leejojo&thehalfbakedprince, lil john, lj&thebongoffire, lj&thechamberofweed, lj&thedealerofazkaban, lj&theorderofthereefer, lj&thephilosophersstoner, looting hogwarts, lovely lady lumps, ludacris, magical bongz, making the band, malcolm x, mambo number 5, mammy, martin lawrence, martin luther king jr., mike tyson, mj pre-whitey, moesha, munchies, new orleans, nigeria, o leely, o rly owls, oj is innocent, oprah, original puff daddy, p. diddy, peaches and creme, phat beats, pimp juice, pimp my broomstick, popeyes, pot brownies, poutine, pudding pops, puffthemagicdragon, quidditch, r kelly, rims, roots, rosa parks, runnin from da popo, running, samuel l jackson, santa hats, scarfs, shaggy, shaq, sitting on the block, skeet skeet skeet, smokin doobies, snoop dogg, soul food, star jones, steve irkle, tanned hagrid, tchea fruits, teddy from full house, that's so raven, the klumps, twins, tye-dye, upn, usher, vibe, wakin & bakin w/danni, watermelon, whatchu talkin bout willis?, whitney housten, woodstock